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Success Stories

Success Stories

Case 1

Asha Chopra originally a resident of Nowshera, District: Rajouri (J&K) belongs to a very poor family whose father died long ago. She was married in Jammu to Mr.Rajiv Chopra living in, Rehari, Jammu. Her husband is a driver and a heavy dead drunkard. She was often beaten by her husband and her life was very miserable. Many times she went to her parents and again came back to her in-laws. Her husband was not able to fulfil the responsibilities of his family and the role of in-laws was also not co-operative with her. In fact they knew above his addiction but thought things would improve after marriage. After two months of marriage she was thrown out from in-laws home along with her husband and started living in a rented room. In due course of time she became the mother of two children, one male and one female but their financial condition went from bad to worse. She was compelled by circumstances to leave her husband’s house. She got admitted in Neha Ghar (SSH) with the reference of “Shakti Women Welfare Society” which is running a Family Counselling Centre. Asha came to Neha Ghar (SSH) with her son & daughter. When she came she was very frightened and disheartened. She was properly counselled from time to time to get her out of that stage. Her son being of 10 years of age could not be kept in the Home (according to guidelines of Short Stay Home) therefore he was sent to a children’s home for studies. Her eight years old daughter was admitted in a nearby School. Asha along with her daughter lived for more than a year in the home. During that period her husband was regularly called for counselling at Neha Ghar .He was also referred to De-addiction centre. As a result of which he left drinking and started taking proper care of his family. After complete satisfaction and inquiry Asha along with her son and daughter went back to her husband. Now a days Asha is working in a private concern and earning Rs.3000/- p.m as governance, supplementing her husband’s income and is leading a happy married & family life.

Case 2

Suman Singh, a very frightened & traumatized young girl was brought to Neha Ghar (SSH) by Station House Officer P/S Janipur by the Orders of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Jammu. According to police she was all alone and seemed to be from outside the state, but she didn’t tell her exact address and where about etc. She was kept here affectionately and was counselled from time to time and asked to tell her real story, but all in vain. She used to tell a manipulated story to everyone. She remained tight lipped for more than two and half years. Continuous efforts were made to win her confidence and thereafter she opened her heart and told her real story and father’s name etc. She had left her house due to constant beating/scolding by her father and was afraid to go back. She lived in Neha Ghar (SSH) for about two years and eight months. During the tenure of her stay at Neha Ghar she got training in craft, cutting and tailoring. This boosted her confidence. Her father was communicated and was informed about the presence of his daughter in safe and sound custody of Neha Ghar. He was very happy and excited to know that his daughter is alive and safe. He said he had realized his mistake of being too harsh to his daughter. He promised to treat her affectionately in future. Suman’s father along with two other relatives reached Jammu with proper identification cards through local police station. After completing all the formalities of Court and police station in Jammu, she was restored to her father. There were tears of happiness in the eyes of both.

Case 3

A lady with a small baby of 5 months in her arms entered the gates of Abhayashram, Bengaluru asking for help. Her eyes filled with tears, she looked helpless and vulnerable. The organization readily welcomed her. She then confided about her family problems and expressed with a feeble voice that she was harassed by her husband for dowry. He beat her, locked her in a room and ill treated her. The pain overwhelmed her and her words were drowned in her sea of sorrow.

Listening to her plight, the association provided her temporary shelter and helped her to find the solace she required. A dowry harassment case was lodged against her husband and the police took steady action. She was provided vocational training and counselling was held on a regular basis. Days passed and she began to regain her lost confidence. Much later she was provided with a job and this enabled her to become self reliant. Her daughter was placed in Advaitha for education. A maintenance case was filed and she was given an alimony settlement of Rs.3,00,000/-. Now she is well settled with a job, and her positive attitude, smile of confidence makes her a person with a difference. She always states that what she is today is a gift given to her by Abhayashram.

Case 4

‘Two sisters in love with the same man’ was the statement made by the person who referred a lady for shelter in the Short Stay Home, at Bengaluru. The lady who was brought to the home was having two children, one boy aged 2 ½ years and a girl just 5 months old. The counsellor spoke to the grief stricken lady and came to know that she was married to this man around 4 years ago. After marriage she realized that her younger sister was in love with him and her husband was also having an affair with her. The couple used to have constant quarrels and fights and hence their relationship was getting strained. Even her sister was not willing to come out of the relationship. Not being able to bear the torture she left her matrimonial home.

She was provided temporary shelter. Regular counselling sessions were conducted. She slowly started to regain her confidence. She also began to take interest in and learn vocational skills such as tailoring and paper bag making. Her sister was contacted and individual / joint sessions were held. Even she was given shelter in the home. Regular group sessions were held .Though at first the sister was adamant about her decision but with regular counselling, she realized the consequences of her decision. At this point of time, the husband was called for couple counselling. He was made to understand his responsibilities towards his wife & children. Finally joint sessions were held with all the three of them and all the three were enabled to analyze the situation at hand and to take a decision keeping all aspects in mind. After intense counselling, the husband agreed to be with his wife and children. The sister decided to work and stay separately and not to disturb or interfere in her sister’s life. The couple left the portals of Abhayashram with a smile on their face.

During the follow up conducted, the lady was very happy and was filled with gratitude for reuniting her with her husband. The sister was settled with a job and has decided to marry a person of her choice.

Case 5

Manpreet Kaur who had been married for 7 years and had 2 children (a son of 6 years & a daughter of 2 years), approached the home in Hoshiarpur with the complaint that she was tortured by her husband, a handicapped tailor and also by her in-laws for dowry but since she belongs to a very poor family she cannot meet their demands. She also said that her husband is having physical relations with his aunt. However, when counsellors of ASHI met her husband and in-laws they found that it was actually Manpreet herself who is a very quarrel some person. This fact was confirmed by their neighbours, also. On further enquiry it was found that the talk of physical relations was not true. Actually Manpreet was not happy on being married to a handicapped person who was also unemployed and she was deliberately creating problems. A number of counselling sessions were held. The husband started his tailoring shop for which help was provided by ASHI. Manpreet also admitted her fault and instead of quarrelling with and blaming her husband started helping him in his work. Her in-laws on their part started looking after the children when both husband and wife were working in the shop. A follow up after a month showed a happy family.

Case 6

Ramesh and Anita have been married for 6 months and living in Gwalior. For both of them this was their 2nd marriage. Ramesh had a daughter from his previous marriage. They used to quarrel very often. Ramesh had the complaint that Anita was visiting her mother very frequently and was not looking after the house. This put a strain on Ramesh’s finances as he did not have enough money to pay for her travel so frequently .He also complained that Anita’s mother was interfering in their life and not letting them live peacefully on her part Anita complained that she is being ill-treated by her husband and in-laws. Before marriage it was agreed that the daughter would be looked after by her grandmother but now Anita was being asked to look after the child for which she was not ready. Both the parties were counselled and it was agreed that Ramesh and Anita would live separately and Anita would look after the child. Anita’s mother was also counselled to stop interfering in their life. This led to a happy family.