Association for Social Health in India

(Registered Under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860)

How ASHI has evolved

ASHI has its roots in the 19th century Europe when most countries there were in feudal wars resulting in large number of soldiers remaining away from homes for long periods and to satisfy their basic needs they indulged in large scale promiscuity .Prostitution thrived leading to virtual epidemic of Venereal diseases.

To curb this, various acts were passed; notable among these was the contagious diseases act. But these acts were only suppressing the prostitutes without attacking the basic issues.

To deal with the problem holistically an association called Association for Social Health (ASH) was setup in England. Later on an association was set up in Calcutta (now Kolkatta) as an extension of ASH of England.

Its scope was gradually extended to cover family life education also.

Branches of the association were gradually setup in various parts of the country. As the base got enlarged and experience gained through grass root working the scope of work was enlarged from merely assisting in suppression of immoral traffic and controlling spreading of STD to rehabilitation of women and children and drug de addiction also. Several STD clinics were established, Short Stay Homes and children home, multipurpose centres were started.

Efforts were also made to create awareness through publication of educational material, holding of seminars, conferences etc.


Ashi's vision is to achieve a healthy happy society where people do not feel deserted unloved or uncared.

Success Stories

See how ASHI’s efforts have changed the lives of these people

Counselling and De-addiction treatment save a marriage.

Successfully changed father’s attitude towards daughter.

Dowry victim helped to resettle with alimony.

Love triangle of two sisters and one man broken.

Focus of work

To reach out to the women and children who have been abandoned by their families and society or those who belong to the under privileged homes and bring about a change in their lives through literacy, vocational and life skill training, all-round guidance, de addiction of drug abuse cases, family counselling, sheltered accommodation etc.

A Home for Girls

Today the Association has 19 branches spread over the length and breadth of the country.

ASHI is in the process of rebuilding its Family Home for minor girls, originally established in 1978


Building a strong public opinion through involvement of the society at large is crucial to the successful and effective functioning of any social welfare organisation This is achieved through formation of a strong network throughout the country. Thousands of members from all walks of life are involved at various stages of our efforts to reach out to the most vulnerable sections of the society viz., children and women.